Forest Stewardship

Issue: Free and Open Markets OR Market Access

Regrettably, often markets supported by working forests are limited by social and regulatory policies that place a chokehold rather than enhance the job-creating benefits private forests provide.

As your strategic partner providing the private landowner perspective, we engaged with federal agencies, international governments, consumer packaged goods companies, retailers, and their associations on the importance of free and open markets for sustaining healthy forests and the economic livelihood of forest landowners.


Markets for forest products are essential to sustain healthy working forests. Financial incentives provided by markets ensure the continuation of ownership and healthy management of private forests for the benefit of ecosystems, rural economies and the public.

Third party certification systems are a bottleneck to market access for everyone. After 20+ years in existence less than 20% of private forests in the United Sates are certified, driving package goods companies to seek certified fiber from abroad, rather than in the U.S., where private forests are healthy and plentiful.

Future Focus

The relationships established and knowledge gained through these meetings will be used to develop a strategic approach to moving forward in 2017 to ensure access to free and open markets for forest products.