Engagement Program

Forest Landowner Foundation’s Engagement program enables a more focused and productive conversation on the stewardship of working forests

The Engagement program includes gathering and validating insights from influencers among critical stakeholders, and identifying approaches that work for forests landowners, while gaining landowner confidence in their management of the resources to ensure forest stewardship for today and the next generation of forest landowners.

The Engagement Program

Aims to

  • Create awareness and understanding about private working forests
  • Create collaboration with governement agencies (USFWS, NRCS, USFS), environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO), and business consumers.
  • Create solutions

Focuses on

  • Healthy ecosystems
    • At-risk species
    • Clean air and water
  • Climate change
    • Renewable energy
  • Access to markets
    • Generational transfer

Keeping working forests working
Stewardship for today…sustainability for the future